Areas of Expertise and Skills

Our services

What I can bring to you and your team, in order to create a successful strategy in Quebec

In particular: short, medium and long term financing package development; negotiation and business acquisition with fair benefits, challenges and risks’ assessment; market analysis with accurately assessing the competition, finding the strengths and weaknesses, analysing, measuring, understanding and seizing the industry market forces; proposal submission, sales, negotiation and contract signature ensuring the company’s financial capacity, and availability of both the working force and raw material for project execution; output, acquisition of equipment; construction site management; account billing and collection; legal and amicable negotiation and settlement; dealing with bankers, ratio monitoring and making sure to have the right and appropriate management tools; organizational realignment and of course recruiting top talents.

Business Ownership Transfer

Considering that transferring a business goes beyond the financial transaction and requires a clear approach, I have completed last October 2019 a 6-day training course with the Institut du Leadership in collaboration with the Centre de transfert d’entreprise du Québec – CTEQ. This training course offers the first Canadian certification in Business Transfer Management from the initial process to the final transfer all the while including the human aspect of the transaction. I obtained this certification in Business Transfer Management recently.

Managing conflicts

I am pleased to inform you that in order to complete my knowledge in mediation and negotiation skills, I have completed a 40-hour training course of Civil and Commercial Mediator last August2019 at the University of Sherbrooke. This workshop aims to ensure individuals are able to act as qualified mediators and master the conflict resolution approach from step one to the final phase of the process.

Growth-oriented compagnies

Whether we are talking about financing this growth or to accompany you in acquire another firm, I believe that my knowledge and established network of contacts with financial institutions will enable me to give you the best advice.

Ownership succession or in transition compagnies

To ensure the continuity of the business during the ownership succession or transition period whether it involves family and management, my expertise will guide you through a smooth transition process and help you make the right decisions.

Sudden departure of a high-level executive

During this period of instability, it may be important if not crucial to reach out to an outside source to act as interim management. I can be this person and help you elaborate the best strategy to move forward as well as medium and long-term planning.

Temporary financial difficulty

During a temporary financial difficulty period due for example to precarious cash flow situation or absence of profit, an external outlook might be needed for rational-decision making. As my experience goes beyond strategic counsel, it is my hands-on expertise that will enable to participate effectively to matters concerning the operations.

Proposal submission, sales, negotiation and contract signature

Receiving an objective voice is especially important for the company’s financial health. Through the years, I learned how to bring an expert eye to ensure the company’s financial capacity, the availability of both the working force and raw material for projects’ execution. I am also enabled to go through the contracts to make sure they reflect what was agreed during negotiations from the proposal to the final signed contract.


I have the knowledge that allows me to contribute and determine the best growth-strategy approach for your company as well as develop a winning strategic business plan by accurately assessing the market offers. I am also able to make sure that my recommendations will lead towards profitability for the company and that the profit margin may increase accordingly.

My mission

Support you step by step through each phase of your project - whatever it is.